Project Ellna: Post 6 (pages from the first chapter)

Hey! So i’ve been working on the Ellna project over the summer, between freelancing, mainly writing ideas and choosing between them. Later i put stuff in the order i wanted and sort of made adjustments, and finally i started writing the first chapter of the Ellna story. And now i’ts done. The first chapter is […]

Project Ellna (post 5: The Dream)

Hey! I finished the first piece for Ellna. This is not the first page of the project or anything like that. It’s just something in the story that i really like right now so i started there. Right now i’m just doing whatever i think is most fun in the project, and then i will […]

Project Ellna (post 4: random wips)

Hey! I just wanted to show some of the stuff that’s been going on with Project Ellna. I’m working on a bunch of different paintings and sketches for the project, and so far i’m basically letting the project evolve with the sketches, instead of painting what i think i need for the project. I usually […]

Project Ellna (post 3: The story without the story)

So today i thought i’d start talking a little more about the story of Ellna. In the future, any spoilers that will matter i will put in red to warn you, but then again anything i write now will probably be changed later on, so it might not matter that much. In this post i […]

Project Ellna (post 2: Ellna herself)

So this time i thought i’d talk about the main character in my personal project: Ellna. The main character is of course Ellna herself. By the way, when i talk about the plot in these posts i’m hopefully going to talk about the story without giving too much away, and if i need to talk […]